Order Invoice Info - Thu, July. 9th 2015
Back from Anime Expo. Sent out a final reminder to all unpaid invoices. If they aren't paid by the end of the week, they will be cancelled. Once this happens, all of the pre-order missers will be contacted first about obtaining a copy.

Insanity X OST - Mon, Dec. 22nd 2014
The full Insanity X Soundtrack is now available to download for FREE! Head over to the Insanity page to get it.

Santatlantean - Thurs, Dec. 18th 2014
A new FREE game for the PC Engine / TurboGrafx-16 is released! A mini version of our hit shoot 'em up Atlantean, this gives you the chance to be Santa and save Christmas from the evil posessed festive decorations. Download it now from the Santatlantean page.

NEWS UPDATES - Tues, Dec. 9th 2014
Hey! Our latest news updates can be found at our Facebook page, and our Blogspot page! Click the buttons at the bottom of this page to get there!

Atlantean - Fri, August 8th 2014
Atlantean is released! With fast paced Defender-style shooting action, this is a milestone, being the first HuCARD for the PC Engine to be released in 20 years! Order it now from the Atlantean page.